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Dear Coach or Holistic Practitioner,

We know your work is all about creating deep and lasting transformation for others…

And we want to help you do the work you love and get paid well for it…

Imagine what it would be like to have your ideal clients approaching you, excited to work with you…and getting a YES most of the time.

How would you feel?   And how would your life be different?

And what if the process of signing up all your new clients, was as heartfelt
and good feeling as your actual work with them?

This is possible for you!

And in order to make this dream a reality, you’re going to need to master Client Attraction.

Client Attraction is THE most important skill to master in your business, because it means the difference between going deeper into debt or making thousands more dollars each month...  And the difference between helping only a few clients and changing the world…

Maybe you’ve got a few clients, but your income is up and down…

You may have even tried lots of different things, but no matter what you do, the clients aren’t coming quickly enough. 

You know deep down your work really matters, but finding clients who can afford you is a struggle.

If this feels true for you at all, then, keep reading, because you’re not alone.

There are SO many coaches and holistic practitioners who LOVE their work... yet they struggle to get enough clients and earn enough money.

We know because that’s where most of our clients are at when they first come to us...
There are SO many coaches and holistic practitioners who LOVE their work... yet they struggle to get enough clients and earn enough money.

We know because that’s where most of our clients are at when they first come to us...
I am Sharla Jacobs.  And with my husband, Jesse Koren, our mission is to give coaches and holistic practitioners the proven path to attracting as many clients as they want, so they can have the fulfillment that comes from living their dream.

In the last 10 years, we’ve been privileged to teach over 50,000 coaches and holistic practitioners our step-by-step system for attracting more clients.

But it wasn’t always this way...  Many years ago, we dreamed of this life. The photo to the left was taken the day I graduated from Acupuncture school.  At the time, I had $80,000 in student loans to pay back and mounting credit card debt.  I didn’t know anything about attracting clients and I hated sales and marketing…  I remember standing in the grocery store one day, wondering if I could afford the organic avocado in my hand...

Fortunately, I got a divine download of a heart-based way to attract clients.  Once I started using this model, I went from $1,800/month to over $5,000/month.  I thought that was a pretty good start.

When Jesse saw my success, he got inspired.  He realized that he only needed 8 coaching clients to replace his income from his draining J-O-B.  He signed up for an expensive business training, and within one month, had enough clients to quit his job.  We joined forces and made $175,000 in our first year in business together.

Many of our clients were coaches and holistic practitioners who desperately wanted to know how we were able to attract clients so quickly.  So, we created a live event for them, that we now call the Client Attraction Summit.  They loved it so much that referred their friends.  It’s now over a decade later, and we’ve led this life-changing 3-day event over 70 times and have had over 7,000 people attend. Most of our clients have come from referrals.

While I never thought Jesse and I would be acknowledged as two of the world’s leading authorities in teaching coaches and holistic practitioners how to attract more clients, we certainly feel grateful that we followed the steps that the Universe put in front of us…
Our success has allowed us to have a massive impact in our clients lives.  And to do only the work we love and design our lifestyle so we can spend lots of time with our boys.  It’s also allowed us to contribute to causes we believe in. 

And while we’ve made millions of dollars, we are much prouder of the fact that our graduates have used our system to make tens of millions of dollars.  If you look at many of the rising Transformational Leaders of today, you’ll find that many of them had their first 6-Figure Year while they were in our programs.

I hope that our story inspires you with what’s possible when you know how to attract high-paying clients.  Because if we can do this, and hundreds of our clients can do this, so can you! 

The 3 Steps to Client Attraction Mastery, are the foundation for all of this success.

The 3 Steps to Attract More Clients through Referrals are:

Once you master these 3 steps, you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that you can attract all the clients and referrals you want for the rest of your life. 

We’ve had over a thousand coaches and holistic practitioners go through our Client Attraction Mastery Live Event version of the program, and collectively, they’ve made tens of millions of dollars using what we taught them.

If you’re feeling called to step up to this next level, in your business and your life, then we invite you to join us in this program.

And... if this program feels like a good match, now is the best time to sign up.  
Client Attraction Mastery 2.0 starts the moment you sign up and you’ll have access to this program for the rest of your life.

There are two components to this program: Online and Live.

The online part of this program comes from two of our Client Attraction Mastery LIVE EVENTS that we recorded.  We then edited these recordings and distilled them into the highest value in the shortest period of time.
Our members paid $5,000 or more to be at these events, so we’re talking about very high caliber content.  And you get to listen to this content, anytime, in the comfort of your own home.

The LIVE component includes 5 live bonus calls with me and/or Jesse, where we teach you our cutting edge client attraction secrets, answer questions, and do hot seats. 

If you haven’t mastered even one of these steps, you may continue to struggle.

Let’s talk about Step #1: Get Consults

If you don’t have the ability to consistently Get Consults, where will your clients come from?

Yet once you do discover how to consistently Get Consults, you suddenly have the security of being able to turn on the faucet of your income, any time you want.

You’ll also discover how to Nail your Niche, Position Yourself like an expert and create your Hero’s Journey Story.  So that when you share what you do, people, GET it, want to work with you, and refer all of their friends.
Even if you’re brand new in your business, we’ll help you position yourself so your potential clients take you seriously.  I’ll give you a secret right now… your potential clients want to know how great you are because they desperately want help with an urgent problem, and they want to know that you can help them.

Learning to Position Yourself well, will help you destroy insecurities, and feel good enough to immediately start attracting clients.

Once you get your value,  it’s time to Get Calls.  We’ll show you the best ways to get your phone ringing using both live and online methods, so you can choose the way that best fits your personality.

You’ll discover powerful strategies to have your ideal clients approaching you to sign up for a free or low cost consultation.
Step #2 is Get Clients.This is where you turn your free consultations into High-Paying Clients.

Because you can give lots of free sessions, but still not get many clients...And this can feel so draining and discouraging.

In the Get Clients module, you’ll discover how to have your potential clients practically talk themselves into working with you, if it’s a good match.  When you learn the 5 Elements of Heartselling™, you’ll see this is a natural extension of who you already are.

You’ll get a more in-depth version and deep dive training on our famous “Get Clients” Free Consultation Formula.  Because the differences between getting LOTS of high-paying clients and only a few, are often subtle things that you may not realize. 

How do you handle a potential client who talks too much?   We’ll show you in the program.  How do you give a lot of value, without giving away the farm?  The answer is inside the program.  And so much more...

Mastering the Free Consultation Formula is the fastest and most effective way to get more clients and is responsible for our clients collectively making tens of millions of dollars in sales.

Once you’ve mastered the free consultation formula, you’ll find that nearly 1 out of 2 consultations turn into a paying client.

We’ll help you design your High-End Package, and if you’d rather offer more high end stuff, like  VIP work, premium programs, workshops or live events, we’ll show you how to do that.
“Signing up just ONE client for a High-End Package will Pay for the entire program…”
And what do you say when a potential client says they can’t afford to work with you.  Or they feel overwhelmed already and don’t have the time.  Or they want to talk with their partner?

If you don’t know how to transform these concerns into a YES, your potential clients lose out on your gifts.  And you lose the client and the thousand dollars or more that they would have paid you.

So we want to teach you how to gracefully transform concerns into YES without being pushy or salesy or manipulative.   

Mastering this skill will pay for the program over and over and over.

The best clients come from referrals, so it’s essential to master Step #3, which is to Get Referrals.

When you don’t have a consistent stream of referrals, it’s easy to undercharge and take on clients you don’t love.  But, when you have a steady stream of referrals, you get to charge whatever you want, and only work with clients you love.

Mastering this skill is the first step in getting booked with a waiting list.

Referrals help you get more consults…

Which helps you get clients, which helps you get more referrals.

So you get our cutting edge,  client attraction secrets and strategies that have helped so many of our clients make an additional $5,000-$10,000 each and every month. 

Many of them get these results within the first 30 days!

This program comes with LOTS of support because you don’t have to do this alone!

We are here for you and so is the Thrive Community! 

In case you’re wondering if this will work for you, here are the AVERAGE RESULTS from the FIRST 30 DAYS of a recent Client Attraction Mastery Program:

Of the 61 people in the program, the total NEW and UNEXPECTED sales was $222,089.

The average client in Client Attraction Mastery earned an extra $3,641 in that first 30 days.

In another recent program, 20% of the participants earned $10,000 or more in teh first 30 days.  14% earned between $5,000-$10,000.  30% earned more than $2,000…

Which means that 54% of the people in the program earned more than $2,000 in just the first 30 days.
“My client load jumped to over 25/week...and [I'm booked] 2-3 weeks in advance!”
Randy Lind
“I made well over $18,000 my first month just using Heartselling alone...Thank you, Jesse & Sharla.”
- Michelle Van Otten
“In the first month of the Client Attraction Mastery program I sold over $64K in programs.”
- Suzanne Finder
“I'm on track to earning 6-figures within my first year of working with Thrive!”
- Cat J. Zavis, JD, MA
If you're ready to stop struggling and finally THRIVE would love to welcome you to the Thrive Community!
(When you sign up your first client for a $3,000 package,
the program will have paid for itself.)

Here's everything you get when you join during our limited enrollment period...
Client Attraction Mastery 2.0 Online ($2,997 value)
You get our cutting edge,  client attraction secrets and strategies that have helped so many of our clients make an additional $5,000-$10,000 each and every month. Many of them get these results within the first 30 days!

You'll receive five self-guided modules—and a special bonus module—that gives you exactly what you need – and only what you need – to become masterful at attracting, engaging and enrolling more clients.
2 Tickets to the Client Attraction Summit ($2,994 value)
This is a 3-Day Live Event for you and a friend, valued at $1,497 each.  We include this bonus, because while some people thrive on having a home study course that you can listen to in the comfort of your own home.  And most of our clients are kinesthetic learners and thrive at Live Events, where you’ll get our VERY best client attraction secrets.
“After Client Attraction Mastery I’ve booked my first vacation in 3 years – for a month!!!”
- Angelika Bendrich
“Free Consultations converting potential clients to reach my dream of serving 500 clients per month by end of the year without me having to work harder!!!”
- Lisa Francolini
“In six months, I went from just covering my basic living expenses to earning $14,000 a month!”
- Patrice Perillo
“I generated $56,000 in new income – in a month!”
Paul Benson
You also get these valuable gifts when you join today...
BONUS: “How to Create High-End Packages Your Clients Will Love” virtual training ($500 value)
If you are not aligned with your high end package rates, your incongruence can sabotage the whole thing.  On the other hand, when you can present your potential client with an irresistible package that you are totally aligned with, it makes the enrollment process so much easier. When you love your high-end package, it creates a tidal wave of YES energy that results in many premium clients.
BONUS: “Client Retention Secrets” ($500 value)
It can be discouraging when 2 clients say YES and then 1 client cancels. But what if you knew how to re-inspire your clients and more than half stayed with you?

Not only will you save a LOT of money... you will feel more confident, because clients won’t slip through your fingers.

The powerful client retention templates you receive will help you save thousands of dollars.  Instead of cancelling, many clients will re-enroll in another package.
“I doubled my practice, increased my rates, and paid my son's entire school tuition for the coming year!”
Rabbi Yitzhak Miller
BONUS: “How to Build A Client-Getting Website (On A Shoestring Budget)” ($500 value)
It’s easy to spend $5,000 on a website that is beautiful but does nothing to get you clients or make you money.  We’ll show you how to spend almost nothing on a simple, powerful website that helps you build your email list and attract your ideal clients.

BONUS: “Create A Hero's Journey Story That Inspires Your Potential Clients to Say YES!” ($500 value)
Until you have a clear personal story, it’s hard to experience the genuine value that you bring to your clients through your hard won wisdom.  And, your people won’t feel your passion or trust you as much…  

Once you create your Hero’s Journey Story, your people will feel your heart and will feel much more compelled to work with you.  Because they’ll know that if you can prevail, they can too.  
BONUS: “The Thrive Academy App” ($500 value)
Because our clients wanted all of our Mastery templates to be a click away, we designed an exclusive app.  Imagine doing a phone consultation and your potential client  tells you they can’t afford to work with you.  With one click of our Thrive Academy App you’ll go straight to our "How to Turn I Can’t Afford It Into a YES" template.  Our  app works for iPhone and iPads and it practically gets the clients for you.

(An iPhone or iPad is NOT required for the program, but if you have one, you’ll love our exclusive Consult App.)
BONUS “Speak to Get Clients Bonus Pack” ($1,000 value)
Speaking is one of our favorite ways to get Consults that turn into clients. You'll receive templates that will help you book speaking gigs, get people to sign up for a free consultation, and provide valuable feedback. Plus, you'll learn from some of the best about the tricks to getting the best gigs and which ones to avoid. You'll be speaking like a pro in no time!
“Within a month (after starting Client Attraction Mastery) I earned over $39,000!"
Dr. Lisa Cooney, MFT
“Join Client Attraction Mastery 2.0 and We'll Match Your Commitment: You'll Receive Every Valuable Bonus Here...”
“In my first 30 days of the program I earned $10,000...”
- Vondette Brinson
“I made more than $6,000 in two weeks!”
- Sara Reed
“I had to raise my rates 3 times in 3 months due to being overbooked!”
- Nadia Shapiro
“Our 6-Month Guarantee”
“I work less than ever and consistently make $8,000 - $10,000 a month”
- Cinder Ernst
“3 months after Client Attraction Mastery I had my first 6 figure month!!”
- Lynea Diaz-Hagan
“I made $35,000 in one month after Client Attraction Mastery!”
- Shahin D Jedian
“I generated over $25,000 in new client sales in the first month of the Client Attraction Mastery program,which was more than I made the entire year before!"
Amy Cheryl, APP
“Your Investment Today...”
“I made back double my investment within the first 3 weeks.”
- Melissa Pharr
“I figured out a lucrative niche and made $8,000 in sales in one hour!”
- Emily Levy
“As a result of this course alone, I doubled my practice TWICE!”
- Becca Hayden
“My business went from $40,000 to $100,000 in one year!”
Anastasia Netri
“We Often Hear Questions Like These...”
What if I want to do the program, but can’t afford it?
If money is an issue, we get it.  We’ve been there.   Many years ago, we found all kinds of creative ways to pay for business training we couldn’t afford.  

And, many of our members have scraped together the $2,997 and paid off their credit card after getting one client.  If money is super tight, you can do the payment plan of $497 per month… Again, one new client will cover your costs and then you’ll have the skills to get more clients for the rest of your life.

The question is, how committed are you to reaching the people who are waiting for you?
What if I don’t have enough time to participate in the live parts of the program now?
If time, is an issue for you… you will have this program for life, so you can do this at your own pace.  If you need to get clients quickly, you can spend an hour or two per day on this program, and if you have a job or a busy family life, you can spend an hour or two per week and bring in clients a little bit more slowly.

I also have to ask you, “Is what you’re investing your time in now working to get you clients?”
Will the program work for me?
If you think that this program will work for everyone else but you… make a list of 5 things you’ve done in your life that have surpassed your expectations, and everyone else around you.  This year, let’s add a $10k or $20k month to this list.  And, if you can’t think of 5 things to put on the list, let’s make your business success one of those 5 things. It’s time for you to thrive, baby!
I’m not sure if the program applies to me…
If you think this program doesn’t apply to you…  then listen closely.  Mastery 2.0  doesn’t apply to you if you don’t want new high-paying clients.  If you do want more high-paying clients you love, then, this program is a perfect match.  Doesn’t matter what type of clients you want or what you do or where you live.  Doesn’t matter if you don’t have your niche yet, we’ll help you with that.  Or if you’re still in school… it’s never too soon to learn how to attract clients.
What if I need to check with my partner/spouse?
If you need to check with a partner… first I encourage you to get clear about what you want.  When you’re clear, it’s much easier for your partner to align with you..  Next, I would ask yourself how your partner would benefit from you committing to your business success in a bigger way.  Then, take a stand for what you want the next year to look like, when you have lots of high paying clients.
What if I’m not ready?
If you don’t think you’re ready… Nobody is ready.  If we waited until we felt ready to start attracting clients, we would still be waiting.  Ready is not something that happens to you… Ready is something you declare.  When you declare that you’re ready, you become ready.

Something brought you to this page today, and we encourage you to tap into that something in you that wants to serve... and make your decision about Mastery 2.0 from that place.
What if I’ve tried other programs and failed?
If you’ve tried other programs and failed…  You have two options, you can beat yourself up, play it safe from now on and decide never to invest in yourself again.  Or, you can look for the gifts in the programs you took… what did you learn or how did you grow from that program so that you’re smarter, stronger wiser now?

We have many friends who have successful 6-figure, 7-figure businesses and we can tell you that none of them got where they are without a LOT of failures and a LOT of support.  So, recommit to yourself.  Re-commit  to get the best support possible.  You only have one life to make the difference you came to make, and no matter how many times you’ve tried and no matter how many times you’ve failed it is not too late for you.
Will you be offering this program later?  What if the timing isn’t right?
It’s never a perfect time to do the things that are most important in your life. Ducks rarely line up, and when they do, they don’t stay lined up long.   Sometimes you just have to decide to follow what you’re most committed to,, and when you do, the Universe will reorganize itself to make room for your powerful commitment.
What if I’m currently enrolled in other programs or dealing with other things in my life, but I still really want to do this?
And, if you’re currently enrolled in other programs or about to go on a long trip, or dealing with personal or family emergencies, the beauty of this program is that it’s yours for life… so, you can come back to it in a month or two when your life calms down.

We’ve had many members who came to us with very little money, and very little confidence, go on to have $10,000 months.  So, we’ve come to know that ANYONE can do this… including you.  And if you’re not feeling confident, borrow our confidence, until you know without a shadow of a doubt that you can do this.
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